Oral Histories from the Summer of 1969

By Bianka Northland / June 19, 2019

With an admiration for the "Woodstock Generation" and curiousity about the cultural movements during the 1960's, Steven has had the exciting opportunity to be involved in two projects, both fiftieth anniversary celebrations from the summer of 1969 – the Stonewall Oral History Project and the Woodstock Oral History Project...


Auntie Body: Behind the Scenes

By Bianka Northland / April 9, 2019

The name “Auntie Body” is a play on words incorporating our use of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) in HIV prevention. Auntie Body is here to creating enthusiasm and new energy about participating in HIV prevention research...


By Jorge Benitez / March 18, 2019

The London patient had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a type of cancer) and HIV and it has been off HIV medication since September 2017.  The bone marrow transplants were performed to treat their respective cancers:  after chemotherapy, donor blood cells without CCR5 genes were infused to try and keep any residual HIV...

A Hero’s Welcome for SUPER Volunteers

By Jorge Benitez / February 13, 2019

The last appreciation event we hosted was called ‘A Hero’s Welcome for SUPER Volunteers’.  It was held on Nov 26, 2018 at Therapy Bar in Hell’s Kitchen and it was of the variety that went a little extra...

Staff Spotlight: William Grant

January 25, 2019

Here is our first post introducing a “Staff Spotlight” series to give some insight into our family here at the CRU. Please read below to learn about William Grant, our newest member of the team and his exciting...

Summer Recap and Community Engagement

By Bianka Northland / October 2, 2018
We owe a big shout out to our community engagement team for their hard work this past summer. The team (Jorge Benitez, Henry Peralta and Jackie Wu) are the liaison between our research unit and the community.​..