Medical Student Elective

Infectious Disease Consult Service

The elective provides training in the recognition and management of general infectious diseases, particularly in hospitalized patients with infections. The infectious diseases consult team consists of two faculty members, two postdoctoral fellows, an infectious diseases pharmD, residents, and students. The elective is offered monthly, except for July and August.


  1. To develop an approach to the patient with fever
  2. To recognize common infectious diseases
  3. To learn to interpret and use laboratory information appropriately
  4. To understand the principles of antibiotic selection.

Learning Opportunities

Under the supervision of one of our fellows, the student performs the initial evaluation of the inpatient consultation and follows the patient daily, writing chart notes to maintain communication between the consultation service and the patient's primary team. Consultation rounds are made five days a week with the consultation attending and the fellows. Two conferences a week are held by the division, and attendance by the students is strongly encouraged.