Antibiotic Management Service

Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy

For patients with infections, the transition to care from the inpatient setting to the outpatient setting is a critical one. The Outpatient Parenteral Antiobiotic Therapy (OPAT) program coordinates and facilitates the care of adult patients discharged from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital on intravenous antibiotics. OPAT partners with other clinical infectious disease faculty members and fellows to ensure a seamless transition of care to the outpatient setting. In addition, we are available to provide consultation and assistance to outpatient providers in arranging the appropriate intravenous antimicrobial therapy in their patients.

OPAT has cultivated partnerships with multiple infusion pharmacies, which has allowed for significant improvements in the communication of critical clinical information, as well as a common point of contact for patients, inpatient providers, and outpatient providers.

Our Team

  • Hannah Catan, NP
  • Ian Horton
  • Xiomara Javier
  • Cariane Morales Matos, MD
  • Giselle Pinto, NP
  • Matt Scherer, MD

Contact Us

The service is staffed Monday-Friday and can be reached at