Past Members

Alumni of the Uhlemann Lab at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

MPH Students

  • Sean B. Sullivan, MPH

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Zheng Wang, PhD

Visiting Scientist

  • Boris Jung, MD, PhD

Medical Students

  • Anna Kress, now Resident in Internal Medicine
  • Madeleine Sowash, now MD candidate
  • Gautam Korakavi, now MD candidate

Post-bac Students

  • Kevin Shim
  • David Leeds, now MD candidate
  • Jared West, now MD candidate

Undergraduate Students

  • Sarah Park
  • Ryan Finkel, now MD candidate
  • Michelle Greenman, now MD candidate
  • Melanie Hofbauer, now MD candidate
  • John Hu

High School Students

  • Rafia Rifa, now undergraduate student
  • Daniel Kelly, now undergraduate student