Clinical Trials

  • Principal Investigator:

    Jason E Zucker, MD
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate how well tecovirimat works for the treatment of human monkeypox virus infection and if the study drug is safe in people. Tecovirimat is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat smallpox in adults and children, but its use in this study is considered investigational. Tecovirimat has been given safely to some people with monkeypox in the recent outbreak and is currently being studied in several ongoing studies outside of the US, but none of the studies have shown whether or not this study drug works to treat monkeypox. 530 people will...
  • Principal Investigator:

    Michael T Yin, MD
    This research study is being conducted to see if HIV antiretroviral medicines that you are taking continue to work well in transgender women and other individuals identifying as female or transfeminine, but with male sex assigned at birth (referred to as transgender) when taken with feminizing hormone therapy (FHT), also known in this study as estradiol. You will receive estradiol as FHT. FHT is used by some transgender women as part of their gender-affirming care. This study will also assess if estradiol levels in blood vary between boosted and unboosted HIV medicines when transgender women...
  • Principal Investigator:

    Delivette Castor, PhD
    We want to learn more about how COVID-19 virus is spread in the community and in the households. To answer this question, we are looking for people who test positive for COVID to measure how many of their close contacts also test positive, and how long the virus persists in the household. We will also study risk factors for getting COVID-19.